Free Prenatal Meditation: Preparing for your Cesarean Birth

I'll never forget the day that my doctor told me I'd need to have a cesarean.

It was a complete flood of emotions that went from oh thank God I don't have to deal with the pain of natural birth to holy shit, what now? On one hand, it was nice to know the exact date that my pregnancy would be over for planning purposes, but then I was wondering how the HELL I would manage my recovery as a mom with two kids already.

I stressed. Damn, I stressed for about 8 weeks...difficulty sleeping, irritable, not sure how to turn off all the thoughts about my upcoming c-section.


Over the years I've met hundreds of women who felt the same anxiety about their booked cesareans.


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So, as a woman who has the ability to help a fellow sister out, I asked my friend Nicole to create some meditations. She's a yoga nidra instructor and her voice is velvety smooth.

It's been proven by science over and over again that meditation works to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and increase your feelings of well-being.


These are all things that stressed-out pregnant women need help with!


I wish that there had been a meditation like this available to me when I was having a booked cesarean. Unfortunately, there was more information about how to avoid a c-section rather than how to empower yourself to have a great birth experience.

I care about your birth experience because it will affect you for the rest of your life. And every time you think about the day you gave birth, I want you to be flooded with memories of happiness.


Having a cesarean is not the 'easy' way to have a baby, it's harder. And you don't have to trade your birth experience for a healthy baby: you can have BOTH!


Click the image below to grab your meditation now!

Enjoy, Mama.

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